Inventive Pictures of Ants

These stunning pictures of ants were photographed by talented Russian creative, Andrey Pavlov. They show real live ants undertaking a variety of different creative poses for the camera—it must have taken him ages to get the photographs just right. From fighting wasps, walking on a twig-bridge and riding a makeshift buggy, these images are absolutely amazing! Please take a look at the gallery below and share with your friends…

Image named: do not interfere with the driver

ant on a tree picture

inventive pictures of ants image

Ants with wasp

raspberry and ants image

ants with counter image

Ants with twig

Honey and ants

Bridge ant photo image

Credits: All images are Copyright © Andrey Pavlov. Please check out their site for more photographic work. Found via Toxel.

inventive pictures ant image 2

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