Intriguing Circular Bookshelf by David Garcia

circular bookshelf Image 1

The moment I saw this Intriguing Circular Bookshelf, I loved the concept. Created by sculptor David Garcia, this was part of his ‘archive series, where he investigated space, books, art and design.

circular bookcase IMAGE 2

About David Garcia Studio: The Studio is an experimental architectural platform focusing on extreme environments. Projects span through various scales and spheres of action, often challenging the status-quo through inventiveness and a cross-disciplinary approach. Collaborative work with the scientific community and technical institutions  is part of every project we undertake [read more].

Credits: Both images shown above are copyright © David Garcia. Why not check out © David Garcia Studio for more of his work.




Pyramid of Books

Wow—now that’s what I call a wall of knowledge! I have no idea how you’d reach the books at the top, though [READ MORE].

Pyramid of books image