Humanity’s Effect On Earth [VIDEO]

This absolutely stunning video was made by Globaia, an organisation that aims to educate people about globalisation and the effect we have on our planet. The video starts by showing the UK (where I live), then moves onto the rest of the world. The video shows how networks and trade-routes are connected across the globe. Also, it shows the major ocean travel routes and an array of other connections.

As it progresses, the Earth becomes transparent so you can see the entire World at once, with all the connections in place. Finally, the short movie shows how the Icecaps melt and refreeze in their seasons. It’s well worth a watch, and I dare say it’s the most interesting I think you’ll see for a long time to come. Enjoy the video after the screenshots…

USA trade map

UK traderoute map

This is the animation done by Globaïa for the short film ‘Welcome to the Anthropocene’ commissionned for the Planet Under Pressure conference [more].

Sea Trade routes

Sea Trade routes on Globe

Watch this Great Video Below…

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Credits for the movie and screenshots / Copyright © / ‘Welcome to the Anthropocene’ Earth Animation from Globaïa on Vimeo / This is the animation done by Globaïa for the short film ‘Welcome to the Anthropocene’ commissioned for the Planet Under Pressure conference.


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