Freaky Human Typeface by JC Debroize

This is the typeface design padded out with human flesh

French digital artist, JC Debroize, has created these freaky-looking set of typographic letters that imitate human faces. The “Human Typeface” spells out ‘Kerozen’ (above), which is the name of JC’s design studio.

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I think these letters are simply stunning, and it must have taken JC a long time to get right! Each typographic character features a prominent eyeball, along with hair, wrinkles and even expertly-crafted stubble! Also, check out the additional project of JC that I featured at the end of the post: Cockroach Morning…

The letter C with an eyeball at the base

Flesh surrounding a free D letter are with hair

Skin the letter E

This is the letter N from the human typeface collection showing and I with hair over the top

This is the letter K from the human type face collection

This is a letter oh with an eyeball on

human typeface showing letter E

Here’s another great image by JC Debroize from the named “Cockroach Morning”

This is a cockroach sat in an armchair with his feet up on a little coffee table

Further Information // “Freaky Human Typeface by JC Debroize” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons ] © Copyright JC Debroize. Please visit his portfolio for more fantastic work.

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