How to Create Real Life Tilt Shift Photography

red car

How do you make real-life tilt shift photography? Well, design studio Skrekkøgle, based in Norway launched a project named Big Money. A giant replica 50 cent Euro coin was made—and then placed next to real vehicles and settings. The whole effect looks similar to miniature tilt shift photography. The image above shows one of the final shots.

The Process of creating the 50 Cent Euro Coin:

giant coin block

Above: Machining the coin.

man and giant coin

Above: Painting and details.

tilt shift photographer

Above: Taking photos from elevated locations.

tilt shift coin

More Examples of the Real Life Tilt-shift Photography:

tilt shift bike

Above: Tilt-Shift Bike and Coin.

tilt shift garbage dumpster

Above: Tilt-Shift Garbage Dumpster and Coin.

tilt shift phonebooth

Above: Tilt-Shift Telephone Box and Coin.

tilt shift trolley

Above: Shopping Trolley and Coin.

Credits: All images are copyright C Skrekkøgle. Please visit their site for more photograpic works. Oh! Order your own massive coin via the Skrekkøgle online shop.

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2 thoughts on “How to Create Real Life Tilt Shift Photography”

  1. Paul Murray

    This is brilliant, and quite mind boggling. The objects genuinely look like miniatures. Are we sure they’re not? 🙂

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Well, I assume they are. I think the photos are very “miniature realistic”, with an obviously selected blurring applied.

    Thanks for the comment…