Hat Art by Sorensen-Grundy Milliners


This hat art design is named “Construction Overhead”, and was created by Sorensen-Grundy Milliners, London. I think it’s a great and unique concept that would be a sure conversation piece if worn at a function! See more images below…

Miniature blue mat scaling hat

Hat construction

Founded in 1999, Dan Sorensen and Sara Grundy are a partnership of milliners. As well as producing couture collections they specialise in making hats for theatre, film and televsion [read more].

miniature man on hat

Blue miniature man

Credits: Images Copyright © Sorensen Grundy / All images featured in this set were provided by Sorensen-Grundy Milliners. Please check out the Sorensen Grundy site for more information and contact details.

Hat label and Sorensen Grundy


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Weird Bearded Stocking Hat

I just saw this online. This Bearded Stocking Hat is one of the weirdest items of clothing I’ve seen for a while! It may be useful in winter, but I don’t know if Id purchase one [MORE].

image of Bearded stocking hat design