2 Amazing Videos With 120 Million Page Views

Walk off the Earth band image

Design Soak is hardly the place to watch new music, but I couldn’t resist showing you this amazing video. It’s from a band named Walk off the Earth, who have produced a stunning yet simple video of a track by Gotye, which is entitled “Somebody That I Used To Know”.

Currently, this cover video has achieved 55 Million YouTube views, and the original version, 75 million! What I love about the video is how simple the concept is, yet how complicated it must have been to achieve in the first place. As the video progresses, the more entertaining it becomes. Each member of the team contributes either a vocal or chord towards making the song. I was especially keen to see what part the bloke on the right played, as he spent the first part starring at a wall (apparently, he’s know the ‘Beard Guy’). All entertaining stuff, though…

Somebody That I Used to Know band shot

Watch the Video Below: Somebody That I Used To Know

Here’s the Original Track by Gotye

This track is a cover of the original by Gotye. Here’s a couple of screenshots before the actual video of the track below, and it’s great to compare the two.

Gotye video image

Somebody That I Used To Know official video screenshot

Watch the Video Below: Gotye; Somebody That I Used To Know

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