Go Off the Grid in 360º with Honda

Honda Video Image

If we never venture into the unknown, how do we get anywhere new? This is the question that the new Honda “Go Off the Grid in 360º” addresses:

“We took a 360º camera off the grid. Now it’s your turn to explore. If we never venture into the unknown how do we get anywhere new? When Honda engineers set about designing the new Civic, they ventured into the unknown. They pushed boundaries. They took every path along the way. And in doing so, they created something amazing. Exploring is part of the fun. That’s why we took a 360º camera off the beaten path.

Go on, take a leap. Use your cursor to explore the environments and click on the arrow to venture forward. You’ll find things you can’t imagine…”

See the Honda Video Below:

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post.

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