GlassBoy, a Clever Car Speed Reduction Ad

Glass boy

GlassBoy is a clever ad aimed at reducing car speed. It was created by Israel-based designer, Roni Kleiner, an experienced TV Commercial Director. He specialises in creating VFX and animation enriched commercials. This video is amazing, and is well worth a watch. It starts off by showing a boy who turns into glass, which acts as a metaphor for the fragile nature of children.

As can be seen in the screenshots I’ve posted, a car hits the glass-boy and he smashes to pieces when the car hits him at 40mph. The ad then shows what happens when the car hits the boy when only traveling at 30mph. Take a look at the short video at the end of this post…

Glass foot

Glassboy walking

Car smashing glass

glass on road

Broken glass leg

Shattered glass

Watch the Video of GlassBoy Below

Copyright © Glassboy from roni kleiner on Vimeo – screenshots taken from Vimeo Video. Director: Roni Kleiner. Check out the Roni Kleiner website, too.

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