Freezin’ Freestyle City Snowboarding

This fast-paced video is entitled Who needs a mountain, and quickly documents snowboarders jumping off bridges and jumping stairs and rails in the city. It was produced by brand O’Neill, but this isn’t in any way an endorsement of their brand—it’s just a great video to watch…

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Screenshots Below: Who Needs a Mountain?

Who Needs a Mountain - Oneil campaign

Man Snowboarding

City Snowboarding Freestyle 14

Snow on steps

Snowboarder in action

Crowd of Snowboarders

Snowboarder Jumping

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Snowboarding on Steps or Stairway in the City

Boy Snowboarding in City

Jumping Snowboarder

Snowboarding in city

No Walking Sign sert to Walk in Green

Snowboarding in New York

Snowboarding under bridge

City Snowboarding Freestyle 10

Here it is one more time: Who Needs a Mountain?

O’Neill #ridemore – Who needs a mountain from O’Neill on Vimeo.

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