The Fractals of Strange Fruit, Flemish Lace, Red Ant

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Fractal Labs Organism

Above: Fractal Labs Organism Fractal Image

The Fractals of Strange Fruit, Flemish Lace and Red Ant. These images are created with an application named Fractal Lab, a shader based real time 3D fractal generator (I’ve included more details on Fractal Lab at the end of this post). Below you’ll see some fantastic renderings of various source textures:

Red Ant Mixed Media

Above: Red Ant Mixed Media Fractal Image

Embossed Foil

Above: Embossed Foil Fractal Image

Organic Fractal

Above: Organic Fractal Image

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Strange Fruit Fractal

Above: Strange Fruit Fractal Image

Flemish Lace Pattern

Above: Flemish Lace Ceramic Pattern Image

More Information

About Fractal Lab – A WebGL based web application for rendering 2D and 3D fractals in real-time. More information available on Subblue.

Discovered via But Does it Float // Images © copyright and source, Flickr user Roddh.

You may be interested in reading another post about Fractals I wrote over on Andrew Kelsall Design named 10 Excellent Fractal Images for Inspiration.

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2 thoughts on “The Fractals of Strange Fruit, Flemish Lace, Red Ant”

  1. Rob Cubbon

    Absolutely beautiful. I love fractals!

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Welcome to Design Soak Rob. Every Designer should love Fractals 😀