See These Secret and Intricate Fore-Edge Paintings

These secret and intricate Fore-Edge Paintings are from the Special Collections & University Archives at the University of Iowa, which were provided by Colleen Theisen. She shared stunning gif animations that show fore-edge painting. The technique used shows painting on the sides of old books, that can only be seen when the pages are spread out (as shown in the images below). The Fore-Edge Paintings shown are based upon the four seasons:

Fore-Edge Painting: Summer

Secret Fore-Edge Painting for Summer

Book animation gif

Fore-Edge Painting: Spring

Book sketches

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Book with thumb

Old Book

Fore-Edge Painting: Autumn

Secret Fore-Edge Painting

Flip the book

Book flipping

Fore-Edge Painting: Winter

Hand on book

Flip book

Flipping an old book

Further Information:

All images and Gif animations displayed within this post are copyright © University of Iowa. Found via Thisiscolossal.

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