Smiling Eggs Food Vector Illustrations by Jonathan Ball

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Check out these funky, pun and original food vector illustrations by the talented, Jonathan Ball of PokedStudio. If you are unsure as to what vector illustrations are, well, they’re designs that are made up of mathematical parts and formula and created in computer programs such as Adobe Illustrator. This means that the illustrations can be blown up to massive sizes or decreased in size without any loss of quality.

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So, for illustrative work these food vectors display quite a lot of detail — and a lot of work has gone into each and every one. See the amount of detail in the freaky looking spaghetti and meatballs dish illustration at the end, for example! For more quality work like this, head over to Jonathan’s profile to see more of his other projects.

Gallery: Food Vector Illustrations by Jonathan Ball

An image of a smiling hot dog with mustard and tomato ketchup

This is a vector don't not done in Adobe Illustrator I presume

This is a another food plate with a large vector bone

This illustration has been printed on a pillow which can be purchased

This is a smiling food face done in vectors

This is a birthday cake vector food illustration

This is a vector illustration of a burger and onion rings

This is an illustration of an egg and bacon

This is a plate with an illustration of bacon and egg and mushrooms

Plate of spaghetti and meatballs

Further Information // “Smiling Eggs Food Vector Illustrations by Jonathan Ball” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons ] © Copyright Jonathan Ball. Please visit his portfolio and site for more fantastic work.

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