Fluorescent Water by Mark Mawson

fluorescent water

This stunning collection of photos showing fluorescent water is from a project named “Aqueous Fluoreau Inspired by the vibrant colours that brighten up everyday life.” They are from London & Sydney based Mark Mawson, who spends his time between the two locations shooting for advertising agencies & magazines.

Marks work has been a feature in several galleries. His own personal photography is also in various private collections across the globe.The galleries include the Sophie Maree gallery, The Hague and Lux Archive in New York City. I think this set of images is just fantastic; I can only assume that he spent many hours dropping the multi-coloured fluorescent dyes into water and experimenting with lighting. Check out the rest of the gallery below…

Fluorescent Water Gallery

Purple fluorescent ploom

color mix in water

fluorescense of water

Aqueous explosion

Purple ink in water

Yellow ink haze

Credits: All the images shown in this post are Copyright © MarkMawson. Please check out his profile for more of his unique photographic work. Check out some similar Ink in Water Photography, too.

fluorescent water inks