Floppy Disc Art by Nick Gentry

Floppy Disc Art

This floppy disc art by Nick Gentry is totally unique. Recycling old and useless floppy discs to create this artwork, faces and whole people have been created. The inner metal segment of the discs have been used as eye pupils in many of the pieces // Above image: “Empyrean”

Floppy Disc Art 2

Above image: “Emulated AI”

From Nick’s site:

Nick Gentry is a British graduate of Central St Martins and has exhibited in the UK, USA and Europe. As part of a generation that grew up surrounded by floppy disks, VHS tapes, polaroids and cassettes, he is inspired by the sociological impact of a new internet culture.

His portraits use a combination of obsolete media formats, making a comment on waste culture, life cycles and identity. Using old disks as a canvas… [read more]

Floppy Disc Art 3

Above image: “Galileo”

Floppy Disc Art 4

Above image: “Next Generation”

Floppy Disc Art 5

Above image: “Ones And Zeros”

Floppy Disc Art 6

Above image: “Public”

Floppy Disc Art 7

Above image: “Residual Memory”

Floppy Disc Art 8

Above image: “Time Machine”

All images are copyright © Nick Gentry. Please visit his website, Nickgentry.co.uk, for more amazing illustrative works.

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5 thoughts on “Floppy Disc Art by Nick Gentry”

  1. Rob Cubbon

    Awesome stuff again. Love the site, Andrew, you’ve changed the background – big improvement!

  2. Ray Vellest

    Fantastic work! I haven’t put my eyes on a floppy disk in years! I wonder if he produced any artwork on those 5.25 inch even older format.

  3. Andrew Kelsall

    Yeah, I don’t like to keep things the same too long. Always tweaking…

  4. Andrew Kelsall

    Haha, I can remember those, but never used them. I can remember the first time I used Photoshop in 1997, and wondered why I couldn’t save my file. It occurred to me after 2 hours of trying, that those discs only hold 1.44 meg, and the file was about 40!

  5. Asif

    Amazing stuff.