Hate These? Enigmatic Flower Paintings by Bettina Güber

Here’s a wonderful collection of images entitled “I Hate Flowers” by German media designer, Bettina Güber. Don’t you just love how freakishly real these flowers look…

flower withinsect painting

flower painting image

purple flower

orange flower

painting of flowers

white  flower

amazing purple  flower

red flower painting

dying  flower painting

pointed  flower painting

closeup flower painting

purple and yellow flower painting

multicolored flower painting

Further Information // “Hate Flowers? Enigmatic Paintings by Bettina Güber” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons] © Copyright Bettina Güber. Please visit her portfolio for more fantastic work. “Bettina Güber – 1965, Krefeld/Germany. Working as a digital media designer – started with photography in 2012.”

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