Flower-Tastic Wearable Plants

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Yes, you can be even more eco-friendly whilst riding your bike or going to meetings with these wonderful little wearable plants by Wearable Planter Shop. I must admit, I love the the bike ones, but I’m not sure the plants will outlast the winter in my shed. Check out the rest…

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red plant pot

red plant pot on bike

red plant bike holder

Do you love riding your bike? What about plants? Bring your plants on an adventure and let them enjoy some sunshine and fresh air! If you’ve ever dreamed about attaching a plant to your bike, now you’re in luck! This bike planter is made with 3D printing, so not only will you be showing off your love of nature, but you’ll be showing off a little piece of the future.

This planter attaches firmly to your bike with an elastic nylon cord, and will fit snugly on most tube sizes. And you’ll have to supply your own plant and bicycle to make your next adventure fully amazing! [read more]

Green Plant broach

Plant on mens suit

A wearable planter that’s a lapel pin (or brooch), instead of a necklace. This ruby wearable planter lets you carry a plant by your heart on your day’s adventures in style. Add some spice to your fall or holiday wardrobe! [read more].

Green Plant necklace

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Blue plant holder

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