Do Crafts with Scott Bedford

Do Crafts website

Do you do crafts? Well, recently I discovered this quite unique site I thought may interest you— Not only does it have a stunning, quirky design, the whole site is pure eye candy and is a Webby Award winner.

Scott Bedford, the creative designer who runs the site has showcased many articles that show you how to use simple crafts. He shows you how to make robots, toast towers and even a ‘snail soup’ hidden compartment!

Screenshots showing how you can do crafts at home…

robot craft screenshot

Scott state’s on his site:

As a child I was an avid drawer and maker. TV shows like ‘Whacky Races’ really inspired me. I even won a national competition (aged 7) for my quirky interpretation of a Kraft cheese factory.

Later, as I learnt to wield a hammer (without loosing an eye) I tried to make some of these machines. I remember spending a lot of time building wind turbines, rat traps, concealed motorised safes (I got that idea from a James Bond movie) and even bubble machines.

After school I attended Art College and then pursued a career within the advertising and design industry. I am currently the Creative Director of a digital agency in London, and spend my days making engaging online experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands. [read more]

Snail Soup craft screenshot

Toast crafts image

kids starbucks cup

Credits: All screenshots are taken from, and copyright © Please go and check out Scott’s site—its a real treat!

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