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Starwars of the Victorian Era

jabba the hut

Starwars of the Victorian Era. Who doesn’t like Starwars? Well, to satisfy most of us, here are some amazing digital paintings of four infamous characters. They have been spruced up in Victorian attire by talented illustrator and animator, Greg Peltz. I recently went to see the new Star Wars film with my son at the IMAX near where I live, and I must say, it was great to see C3-P0 and R2D2 on a huge screen again! (Illustration above: Victorian Starwars Jabba the Hut).

Amfursands: Fur-Decorated Ampersands by David McLeod

This project kind of reminds me of the ‘Freaky Human Typeface‘ that was featured previously her eon Design Soak. Designer David McLeod, in this case, has created a visually-stunning set of typographic ampersands that are shrouded in realistic-looking fur. He entitled the set ‘Amfursands’. Get it?

black and white fur type image

Arjowiggins Creative Papers Christmas Card Set

I’m lovin’ these Arjowiggins ‘Creative Papers’ Christmas Card set:

Imageof a Arjowiggins Creative Papers Christmas Card

“Traditional” Christmas card design for a paper company allowing those who receive it to decorate their Christmas tree however they wish.

striped Christmas Card

tree colourful Christmas Cards

inside of simple Christmas Card

3 sections of paper Christmas Card

Quality Christmas Cards

Further Information // “Arjowiggins Creative Papers Christmas Card Set” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Pop & Pac (Creative Commons). You can see more of their work here.

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Freaky Rendered and Deformed Human Heads by Lee Griggs

I have entitled this post ‘Freaky Rendered and Deformed Human Heads’ because the images shown show exactly that! Spanish creative Lee Griggs has done an excellent job of creating some totally abnormal human head shots. Check out a selection of them below…

lemon head Rendered 3D human head

flat Rendered 3D human head

Hammer shark style Rendered 3D human head

Rendered 3D human head

Cube Rendered 3D human head

rounded Rendered 3D human head

See Also: Freaky Human Typeface by JC Debroize.

Rendered square 3D human head

Rendered 3D human head

Rendered 3D human head

Rendered 3D human head

Further Information // “Freaky Rendered and Deformed Human Heads by Lee Griggs” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Lee Griggs (Creative Commons). You can see more of his work over on his profile.

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Surreal Fluidly-Organic Geometry by David Brodeur

Organic Geometry image

This weird, fantastic 3D illustration work was created by Chicago-based Creative Director, David Brodeur. He explains… ‘This is a personal project I created to continue the exploration of possibilities using Thinking Particles in Cinema 4D. Organic Geometry Part II was designed with the idea of complimentary colors contrasting with one another but fluidly remaining in harmony’. You can read more about the project here.

Gallery //+ Organic Geometry by David Brodeur

Splat in red and green

Organic Bird pattern

★ See the rest of these images over on Design Soak.

Further Information // “Surreal Fluidly-Organic Geometry by David Brodeur” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright David Brodeur (Creative Commons).

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  • Remarkable Pen & Watercolor Illustrations by Clint Reid

    axe Illustration

    This wonderful collection of images are various illustrations for ‘personal projects, commission, and art shows’, by talented Character Designer and illustrator Clint Reid. Using simple utensils such as fine-line ink pens and watercolors, he creates very simple yet unique and quirky little illustrations on heavily-textured papers. In this particular collection of drawings, entitled Pen & Watercolor III, Clint has drawn little masterpieces that are all based on good ideas and interesting concepts, with some having typographic work forming part of the artwork. My favorite piece from this set is the one that is of a belt, showing ‘hold tight’ (see further down the post). What’s yours?

    Gallery // Pen & Watercolor Illustrations by Clint Reid

    Watercolor flower

    Watercolor scissors

    ★ See the rest of these images over on Design Soak.

    Further Information // “Remarkable Pen & Watercolor Illustrations by Clint Reid” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Clint Reid (Creative Commons). You can see more of their work over on his profile.

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    Exclusive Interview with Designer, Giuseppe Pepe

    Giuseppe Pepe photo of two green balls

    This set of imaginative photographic work entitled ‘LoosingMyMind’ was created by ‘Italian/Ibizan’ designer Giuseppe Pepe — better know as pepedsgn. Check out the following exclusive interview where he discusses more of his work and process…

    1. Tell the Design Soak Magazine readers about yourself. What motivates you?

    I do what I do because of my true passion for photography and creativity, my desire is to get involved with myself-ideas and especially involve those who follow my work; create connections with a lot of people world-wide (ideas in this case). It is always interesting to get to know people with the same passion and, to be honest, it’s happened what I first thought it was gonna happen! Many people text me saying how good my idea is in order to interact with Instagram community and they are always up to participate in this project.

    Giuseppe Pepe photo of man with no face

    2. When did you first start illustrating? Where did it all begin?

    I started doing this work in 2002, I was about 15 years old. It was a very hot summer, I was very young, and since then I started to work in a summer club (I’ve always been interested in club culture) Tons of flyers and posters arrived in the club every week for promotion (there wasn’t any web promotion by that time) So whenever I had free time I used to stare at them, studying them and trying to understand their meaning, to understand what it was behind those images and illustrations, I still remember the “just-printed” smell I used to love. So, it was the end of the summer, I bought a computer and started to spend many nights in front of that box CRT dreaming about what today is my actual work and my art, my reason for living.

    no head with waterfall

    3. How did you ‘find your own style’? Have you always used the same illustration methods?

    To be honest I don’t think I have an specific style, or at least I don’t believe so. If I were to tell you what style I approach the most, my answer would be Pop Art! All those strong and vivid colors give you the energy and vitality that makes you feel good. On the other hand I certainly love minimalism but that’s another story. I’m an always-changing kind of person that enjoys evolution and who’s always trying not to remain static.

    water head photo

    4. Tell us about your creative process. How do you work?

    Depends .. I’m damn addicted to technology, I stay many hours in front of my computer, and even use my smartphone to create certain stages of my artwork sometimes. If I start with a photo I can edit it with editing software but I can easily pass it into an app to see different styles. I use everything I have under my finger tips basically. It is great fun when you stop for a second and think how things came out today with only a few things available but with infinite imagination and creativity.

    man eating on own

    5. What is the biggest inspiration for fresh ideas?

    Electronic music, films, parties and the hype that comes out from the sub-urban metropolis, which dictates the laws of avant-garde and innovation creativity.

    6. Do you find it easy or hard to create new work?

    I’m the kind of person who thinks anyone holding a great idea is able to always go further, by never stop thinking and writing down those great ideas. Sooner or later you’ll need them for a new project.

    Giuseppe Pepe photo of stripy top

    7. What is the best part of your job?

    Realize your idea is successful, fruitful. The moment you see everything has worked as it was planned. Also the satisfaction of those ideas becoming alive in full advertisment formats (rather physical or digital) and most important of all, when people are happy and satisfied with my work.

    headless climbing person

    8. Adversely, what is the worst part of it?

    When client does not understand the idea or just thinks it’s not good enough or not easily understood and months after he/she realizes the idea was way good.

    Giuseppe Pepe photo of hand over face

    9. Appart from illustration, what other creative fields are you involved in?

    I love photography, when I have free time I love travelling and framing everything, perceive the essence of every moment, every view. There are definitely moments that deserve to be stopped for a moment and be captured forever.

    headless woman with wheat

    10. Do you have any plans for the future of your creative work?

    I have a lot of projects, I hope one day to become an Art Director or maybe just melt my ideas together, adding those even more creative, and get something bigger to life.

    Giuseppe Pepe photo of woman with horse

    11. What is inspiring your work at this moment in time?

    It’s been a year already living and working in “Isla bonita” as Madonna used to sing. Ibiza is always sunny all year long, this really affects your creativity mood and art inspiration. Especially in summer time when music, the sea, and parties come together.

    See more of this set entitled #LoosingMyMind by on PepeDsgn.

    Further Information // “Exclusive Interview with Designer, Giuseppe Pepe” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright pepedsgn.

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