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Marvelous Woodland 3D Art by Rahul Parihar

These intricate 3D works were designed and visualised by Indian creative, Rahul Parihar. I’ve included two of his projects below, which both feature trees! Enjoy…

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A Slice of Life

fall autumn tree

blue tree

pink tree blossom in 3D

green 3D tree

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Further Information // “Marvelous Woodland 3D Art by Rahul Parihar” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons] © Copyright Rahul Parihar. Please visit his portfolio for more fantastic work.

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Yarn Sculpture Sneakers Look Like Brain and Intestines?

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Players and Poster image

These sneaker 3D renderings were a personal project ‘experimenting with colour, surface and intricate pattern making with yarns'; created by UK-based Illustrator, Chris LaBrooy (see previous).

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As a side-note—I think the way that the ‘yarn’ is squashed together looks a bit like a cross-section of a brain, or even intestines! Or is it just me? In any case, these designs are visually-stunning, don’t you agree? Check out the gallery below, along with a couple of examples of how they were created in 3D…

Galley // Yarn Sculpture Sneakers by Chris LaBrooy

yarn sculpture art

pink green and yellow yarn sculpture

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Freaky Human Typeface by JC Debroize

This is the typeface design padded out with human flesh

French digital artist, JC Debroize, has created these freaky-looking set of typographic letters that imitate human faces. The “Human Typeface” spells out ‘Kerozen’ (above), which is the name of JC’s design studio.

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I think these letters are simply stunning, and it must have taken JC a long time to get right! Each typographic character features a prominent eyeball, along with hair, wrinkles and even expertly-crafted stubble! Also, check out the additional project of JC that I featured at the end of the post: Cockroach Morning…

The letter C with an eyeball at the base

Flesh surrounding a free D letter are with hair


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