Dalton Ghetti Pencil Sculptures

These stunning Pencil Sculptures are by artist Dalton Ghetti. As I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re simply amazing. As can be seen in the image below, Dalton sculpts the pencil graphite to create miniature sculptures on heads of pencils. My personal favourite is the one above, where a heart has been carved from the pencil wood itself. He sure must have a steady hand to complete such works. Here are some more examples…

Dalton Ghetti pencil 2

Dalton Ghetti pencil button sculpture

Dalton Ghetti pencil heart sculpture

Dalton Ghetti pencil sculpture 4

Dalton Ghetti pencil sculpture 5

Dalton Ghetti pencil chair sculpture

Dalton Ghetti pencils sculpture

Further Information:

Artworks discovered via Ubersuper // Image © Copyright Dalton Ghetti (although his website is no longer online to link to).

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One thought on “Dalton Ghetti Pencil Sculptures”

  1. Jesse B Andersen

    Wow! that’s must have required a lot of patience. 🙂