Crochet Star Wars Figures and DIY Confetti Sticks: Design Inspiration #4

Here’s another roundup of fantastic design inspiration to give your eyes a real treat! There’s a great Psychology of Color Infographic, along with some quirky Crochet Star Wars figures and some funky DIY Confetti Sticks, too. Check them out…

Wildlife Photography with Illustration

Really clever concept you will are showing stags and colour formations in the antlers

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Tom Buch Graphic Arts

This is an image showing 3-D hexagenalshapes

Typographic design that says do what is right not what is easy

This is a typographic design that says do what is right not what is easy

Psychology of Color Infographic

This is an info graphic showing the psychology of colour and is quite intoresting

Crochet Star Wars

This image shows characters from Star Wars in crochet

Easy Jelly Belly DIY Costume

A lady wearing a home made jelly belly costume with little balloons for the jelly beans

Easter Cake with bunny buried in carrots

This is an Easter cake with Bugs Bunny covered in a pile of tiny carrots

This photo shows Coloured Macaroons

This photo shows coloured macaroons

Poezenboot Poster

Black and white cat poster design

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Dog Names for Graphic Designers by Martin Refsal

This image shows the dog names of graphic designers on various coloured tabs

A great T-shirt design saying No Jesus No Peace

A great T-shirt design saying no Jesus no peace

Art installation at London Graphic Centre

A wall of coloured media

Color your life

A pack of pencils that says keep calm and colour your life

Paper Triangles Art

This is a really great poster design that features paper triangles folded into a 3d formation

DIY Confetti Sticks

Do it yourself, Fetty sticks which can be used for weddings

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