Creative Poster Designs: Grow with a Purpose

Unique Creative Poster Designs for a 401K plan company named Fidelity.

Creative Poster Designs image

The poster series was designed by the Miami Ad School, Miami, USA. I think they’re quite original, and display simple, effective typography with quirky imagery. My favourite is the poster of the man with the large glasses “Envision a big future while you can”. Other strap-lines include “Have Things That Grow with a Purpose”. Enjoy…

Creative Poster Designs (below)

Man with large nose poster

Woman on Poster design

Poster of man with large glasses

Credits and images copyrights: Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA / Instructor: Todd Taber / Art Director: Anthony Baxter / Copywriter: Mariana Rodrigues / “Fidelity 401K Plan: Have Things That Grow With A Purpose” via

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2 thoughts on “Creative Poster Designs: Grow with a Purpose”

  1. Ruben Nuñez

    These are really funny. I wonder what the “models” thought of being portrayed in that way.

    They are simple and get the point across really well.

    Thanks for sharing Andrew.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Ruben → Well, I think the woman came off worse. It all depends whether or not the images was licenced stock images or taken specifically for the design brief I suppose…