Functional Crayon Business Cards by Dori

Check these out! Canadian design student Dorota Pankowska just contacted me to show some new Crayon Business Cards she has created. By using wax crayons to form the ‘very-functional’ cards, I’m sure these will stand out from the crowd…

Yellow text on Blue background

I’m super excited to show you guys my new creative business cards made out of crayon, for when I really want to make an impression! I love thinking of fun business card ideas – in 2011 was the start of my business coins, and in 2013 I created out of the box business cards. I think these ones are my favourite – they really capture my passion to be creative in professional ways.

Gallery //+ Colorful Crayon Business Cards by Dori

Crayons with cards

 Crayon Business Card on an angle

An assortment of  Crayon Business Cards

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Black  Crayon Business Card

Pink Crayon Business Card

Purple  Crayon Business Card

Assorted Crayon Business Cards

More About Dori (from her site): //+

Hey! I’m Dorota Pankowska, a photography grad from Toronto. I’m torn between all the different worlds of visual arts, and often find myself trying new mediums and methods.


Dori Holding  Crayon Business Card in the air

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