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This site is currently authored by Design Blogger and Creative Designer, Andrew Kelsall. If you want to be part of Design Soak in 2012, then here’s an invitation for you to become a contributer. If you have experience in writing inspiration and design articles or roundups, then get in touch.

Here are the Benefits of becoming a Contributer:

If you have a website, online bio, portfolio or twitter account, you can promote this using your own Author Bio box at the end of each post you write. This will be visible to everyone with up to 3 links included. In 2011, Design Soak received over 700,000 page-views last year, and your article an average will be retweeted on average, 30 times.

$$ Reward Payments $$

There’s no payment-per-post as such─the rewarding part is contributing to the design community, getting yourself known and your profiles viewed. However, if any post you write gets more than 100,000 page-views in less than a year after first writing the post, I’ll pay you $20 USD via PayPal as a “Thank You”.

Here are some good examples of 2 posts that have generated almost 400,000 pageviews (here and here) on Design Soak.

Here’s the kind of Content Design Soak needs:

☞ Showcases of designers work (illustrations, sculptures, graphic design, product design or even architecture, etc)

☞ Inspirational roundups

☞ Interviews with creatives / showcase of works.

★★★ Here’s how to Apply ★★★

Simply Email me the following information:

☞ Full Name or ‘Screen Name’

☞ Web site, social media account or portfolio, etc.

☞ A short bio describing what you do and like, along with your profession or what you’re studying, etc.

You will also need a Gravatar so people can identify your posts. If you don’t have one, it will take just 5 minutes to get started >> Visit Gravatar and follow their instructions.

★ If you want to be part of Design Soak, Email your details today.