Concrete Chair

concrete chair image

This concrete chair was created by Stefan Zwicky. I imagine this would make a great addition to outdoor urban settings and parks, but I wouldn’t like one in my living room…

concrete chair with Rebar image

Credits: Images shown above are copyright © Stefan Zwicky. Please check out his site for more work.

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Concrete Canvas Survival Shelters

If you are concerned that a nuclear disaster or imminent, or that the world will end on 21st Dec 2012, then this product is for you! Yes, the Concrete Canvas Survival Shelter can be assembled with ease by blowing it up with air then adding water to the outside surface. A special membrane then hardens and turns to concrete. Tents, bio-labs, desks and beds can then be set up inside [SEE MORE].

Concrete Canvas Shelters header image

Concrete Canvas Shelter image