Visually-Outstanding Complexity Graphics by Tatiana Plakhova

Bridge illustration by Tatiana Plakhova

These ‘complexity graphics’ by Tatiana Plakhova are absolutely stunning, I think you’ll agree. I love the bridge illustration above looks particularly fantastic; using a perfect combination of photography and illustration. Check out the rest…

Gallery // Complexity Graphics by Tatiana Plakhova

circles in complexity graphics

lines in complexity graphics

eye complexity graphics

yellow and white complexity graphics

complexity graphics showing blue and hues

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complexity graphics art

line art illustration by Tatiana Plakhova

orage complexity graphics

globe illustration by Tatiana Plakhova

colourful images by Tatiana Plakhova

illustration by Tatiana Plakhova

About Tatiana Plakhova: The main idea is to show a new way of “infographic” drawings. Because everything we see is biological, mathematical or geological information. It can also be cultural patterns or any other thing. Complexity Graphics works are based on mathematical simplicity and harmony. I would describe them as infographic abstracts. This mathematical style helps me to illustrate everything from biological cell to the space and meditative worlds. That’s why I admire by math, because it’s everywhere and nowhere [more].

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