Coloured Fishing Nets Suspended in the Sky by Janet Echelman

These wonderfully-intricate coloured fishing nets are created and constructed by artist, Janet Echelman. Drawing inspiration on a trip to India as a Fulbright Scholar, she saw that some fishermen in the village of Mahabalipuram were using nets of high quality of strength. For some reason, she had a creative idea to somehow suspend nets like the ones she saw, in the air — in the sky!

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Since this trip to India earlier in her career, Echelman has travelled around the globe installing these net sculptures at varied locations. Take a look at the gallery below, I think you’ll be pleasantly amazed…

Gallery // Coloured Fishing Nets by Janet Echelman

coloured fishing net over water

coloured fishing net in purple

coloured fishing nets in air

coloured fishing nets

coloured fishing net image 6

coloured fishing net image 1

coloured fishing net image 7

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