Clever Swapped Logos by Fabio Di Corleto

This really clever of designs are ‘a review and a mix of the main logos of social apps & platforms’. They were created by creative designer, Fabio Di Corleto, who is a freelancer in Napoli, Italy. Check them out—my favourite is the Facebook/Google on—what’s yours?

Twitter Pinterest Logo

Twitter Pinterest Logo image

InstaGram YouTube Logo

InstaGram YouTube Logo image

Vimeo Vine Logo

Vimeo Vine logo image

SoundCloud Spotify Logo

SoundCloud Spotify Logo image

MySpace WordPress Logo

MySpace WordPress Logo image

Whatsapp Twitter Logo

Whatsapp Twitter Logo Image

WordPress MySpace Logo

Wordpress MySpace logo

YouTube Tumblr Logo

YouTube Tumblr Logo image

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Behance Dribbble Logo

Behance Dribbble logo image

Dribbble Behance Logo

Dribbble Behance logo

Instagram Pinterest Logo

Instagram Pinterest Logo image
Spotify SoundCloud Logo
Spotify SoundCloud Logo Image
Google Plus Facebook Logo
Google Plus Facebook Logo image
Facebook Google Logo
Facebook Google Logo
Tumblr Twitter Logo
Tumblr Twitter Logo image

Further information: All images in this posting are copyright © Fabio Di Corleto. Check out his portfolio for more works.

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