City Posters Show Tall Buildings in London and New York

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Dublin-based Studio Me&Him&You, founded by Peter Dillon and Ronan O’Gara, created these simple and minimalist set of city posters. Each design shows a major city, and displays the tallest buildings (which are also the most recognisable in each one).

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Limited to a short print run of only 400 copies each, I’m sure this set of poster designs may be quite a collectable item (if you are into this type of style)! See the rest below…

City Posters Gallery: London, New York, Paris, Toronto, Dublin, Boston and Berlin

This poster shows line drawings of some of the major high buildings and attractions in Paris France which includes the Eiffel tower

This poster shows the CN Tower and the other ham building in Toronto which is located in Canada

This cities poster design shows some of the skyscrapers within New York city

Poster design that shows the collections of buildings in Dublin

This is a poster design did collecting some of the buildings within Berlin

This is an image showing depictions of towers in London city including the shard and the gherkin buildings

This is an image showing illustrations of Boston in the USA

Further Information // “City Posters Show Tall Buildings in London and New York” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Me&Him&You. Please visit their site for more fantastic work. Found via Fubiz.

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