A Festive Tale of Woe, Depression and Dementia

Depression and Dementia image

“The Last Christmas…” is a festive tale of woe, depression and dementia. Yes, I know, if you look at the screen-shots above and below, you’d be wondering why you should watch this video! Even thought its’ theme is ‘depression’, it does have a much happier ending. Directed and animated by creative David Lea, watching this video makes a change to constantly seeing Santa and his reindeers this Christmas

Christmas Depression

The Last Christmas screenshot

Christmas Dementia

The Last Christmas [Video]

The Last Christmas… from David Lea on Vimeo. Via: Kuriositas.

From the associated Vimeo page: The last in the trilogy of Christmas cards. A festive tale of woe, depression and dementia told through a cheery song that climaxes with an uplifting ending…..sort off. You have been warned. Direction, music and animation: David Lea Design: Giles Dill, David Lea & Steven Sole Thanks to: Niamh Lines.

★★★★★ For more festive inspiration, take a peek at a large Recycled Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree.