Character Designer Jason Freeny

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Nemo Fish

Character Designer Jason Freeny had created some stunning “skeleton” character sculptures that are totally unique. Jason was born 1970 in Maryland, USA, and studied industrial design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY. Images above: Nemo Fish Character Design / Ducky Skeleton Sculpture.

Ducky Character

More Great “Skeleton” Character Designs:

Bunny Sculpture

Above: Bunny Character Sculpture

Toy Story Alien

Above: Toy Story Alien Character Design

Care Bear Sculpture

Above: Care Bear Skeleton Sculpture

Hello Kitty Sculpture

Above: Hello Kitty Character Sculpture

Jaws Sculpture

Above: “Jaws” Character Sculpture

MiniQee Sculpture

Above: MiniQee Character Sculpture

Skeleton Sculpture

Above: Skeleton Character Sculpture

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Above: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with Skeleton

Worm Sculpture

Above: Worm Character Sculpture

Mario Skeleton

Above: Mario Skeleton

Yoshi Character

Above: Yoshi Character Sculpture

All images are © copyright Jason Freeny. Please visit Moist Production [sorry, link broken from Feb 2013 – please contact me if you know new URL for Jason’s work] for more work examples and sculptures // Copyrighted characters are the intellectual property of their respective credited companies.

Want More Daily Inspiration?

If you liked the work of character designer Jason Freeny, why not head over to Stunning REAL Cartoon Characters.

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