Intriguing Chalk Shadows by Michael Neff

shoreline shadow 2

Check out these interesting ‘chalk shadows’ by Michael Neff, who lives in New York City, USA. As can be seen in these images, Michael draws around the outlines of shadows to create a very unique effect. These photos were taken in Seattle and New York:

chalk shadow 2

chalk shadow 3

chalk shadow 4

chalk shadow 5

chalk shadow 6

Chalk Shadows

Chalk Shadows 8

Chalk Shadows 2

Chalk in seattle

shoreline shadow

chalk shadow

Credits: All images are copyright © Michael Neff. Please head over to his site for more of his photography. You can also purchase these images as prints. Please contact Michael for more information. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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One thought on “Intriguing Chalk Shadows by Michael Neff”

  1. Ray Vellest

    These are awesome Andrew. What a great finding!