Sponsored Video: [GALAXY Note II] Bill Schwab Designs Wreck-it Ralph!

In this sponsored video, Bill Schwab, animator of the Disney movie Wreck it Ralph, shows you how to draw the main character, Ralph, using the new GALAXY Note II. He uses the phones’ pencil & pen settings, then adds colour to the digital sketch to create a little masterpiece! After this, he uses the rich features of the phone to demonstrate how to compile a few Wreck-it Ralph images into a sort-of ecard. I went to see this movie a couple of weeks ago with my wife and kids, so I can highly recommend the movie, too.

Watch the Sponsored Video Below:

Check out this new video how the GALAXY Note II can be source of inspiration to create and.. to draw!

100 LEGO Ideas Videos!

Check out this huge collection of 100 LEGO ideas from YouTube. Granted, I haven’t viewed them all, but my little boy watches these all the time. One of my favourites is the very last video in this post, as it shows how someone has made a properly-working labyrinth out of Technic Lego! My little boy loves it, and I’m sure you will too!…

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LEGO Ideas post header image

LEGO GBC Marble Run

Sponsored Video: Samsung Presents a Note to Santa!

This post has been kindly sponsored by Samsung Galaxy.

Recently, Samsung launched the ‘Premium Suite Upgrade’ for the very popular Galaxy Note 10.1. It has many new and advanced features, which includes better user learning ability, creativity and productivity. To show all these features [and more], a new video has been released to showcase this new software.

What’s the video all about? Well, basically a little girl delivers her Christmas wish to Santa with her father─aided by the Galaxy Note 10.1. They use the amazing and innovative features of this device and software, which include ‘Quick Command’ and ‘Easy Clip’. While all this is happening, Santa is busy in the North Pole with his Elves. They are in preparation to deliver Christmas presents across the globe, whilst using a Galaxy Note 10.1 to plan their journey!

Watch the Galaxy Note 10.1 Video below:

Obliteration Room

Obliteration Room image

A giant all-white room was created for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art by artist Yayoi Kusama. The installation is entitled “The Obliteration Room” and was decorated by kids and adults over atwo-week period. As can be seen in the video and images below, people were handed sheets of stickers, which could be applied anywhere in the Obliteration Room. Watch it now…

I am a Crisis, British Red Cross (Sponsored Video)

This is a sponsored post. This quick article features the excellent new ad for the British Red Cross entitled ‘I am a Crisis’: “A crisis can happen anywhere, and to anyone. As well as helping people abroad, the British Red Cross helps more than a million people in the UK every year. Providing practical help in emergencies, short-term care in the home, and teaching life-saving first aid skills.” Check out the short video shown below…

I am a Crisis, British Red Cross

Sponsored Video: Be A Great Creator [GALAXY Note 10.1]

This is a sponsored post.

This sponsored video shows the creative potential of the all-new Galaxy Note 10.1. It features a selection of the world’s greatest creators: Leonardo da Vinci, Jane Austen, Pablo Picasso and Edmund Hillary. All of these ‘greats’ had one thing in common─the pen! I just watched the video all the way through, and it’s quite interesting to watch. You can view it for yourself below…

Peter, Bjorn & John – Young Folks [Video]

I originally watched this video a few months back, however, I just saw that on YouTube that it now has more than 30,000,000 page views. Set in a cartoon style, the quirky music is represented by cartoon characters in a very unique and retro medium. Even though there is nothing outrageous in the video, I can see why it had it has garnered so many page views─and I recommend the animation─it’s quite original. I think that the scene on the bus is quite charming and there is just something strangely eerie about it too! Check it out…

Watch the Video (Screenshots Afterwards)

Sponsored Video: The New Galaxy S3

This sponsored video is for the all-new Galaxy S3 smartphone. I’ve included some images below that show how the phone looks, but take a look at the video at the end of the post that shows its amazing functionality. The video is quite informative, whilst being fairly entertaining to watch. It shows how this phone would fit into your everyday life. I found that the best part of the video was when it demonstrated how good the camera was. You can take many images in quick succession, and even when filming!

galaxy s3 image

An Animated Video of “The Scream”

Wow! This is simply amazing. I can’t put into words how good this video is! It’s surreal. It’s weird. It’s fun to watch and I reckon you’ve never seen anything like it before. Created by Sebastian Cosor, this short animation was a rue joy to watch─take a look after the screenshots below…

The Scream animation painting header image