10 Stunning Marble iPhone Cases for the iPhone, iPod and Samsung Phones – Marble Effect Skins

Check out this selection of Marble iPhone Cases that are now available to buy. You can get any of these for the latest iPhone (including the larger ‘Plus’ models), iPod and Galaxy Phones,,,

Colorful Marble iPhone Case

colored marble iphone case image

Wow! I love this Colorful Marble iPhone Case. Looks really authentic and genuine, too!

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Wood iPhone Back Panel by Monolith

Wood iPhone Back Panel image

Wood iPhone Back Panel by Monolith: “Monolith iPhone backs are handmade from solid hardwood in Austin, Texas. Unlike stick on decals, they completely replace the original glass back of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S leaving the thickness unchanged and removing one of the most fragile and often broken parts.” Read more here.

Rainbow Cassettes

rainbow cassette print image

I think this Rainbow Cassette print is pretty amazing. I can fondly remember the times I spent winding the tape back onto the spools after my tape player screwed it up. Those were the days! Can you remember them?

iPhone Notebook

iphone notebook image

I love this iPhone Notebook idea, which is a notebook that can contain and hold your smartphone (as long as it’s no bigger than an iPhone I suppose). I think it’ll be especially useful if you want to take a stroll with a notebook and no pockets! See the rest of the images for a better look…

10 Retro Old PC Advertisements

Old PC Advertisement 10

Check out these retro old PC advertisements. Can you remember your first PC? I can. I remember the day I received my first Spectrum +2 as a child in the 80’s, playing Oh Mummy and many other “cutting edge” games! My favourite ad is the Arari one above. You can see the joysticks featured, plus many more in Top 10 Joysticks from past and present. Here are the rest of the adverts:

Virtual Wall Traffic Light (Urban Design)

Virtual Wall Traffic Light

This Virtual Wall Traffic Light concept from Lee Han Young is a great idea. Sometimes, truck or other obstacles can block the view of a red light, so this futuristic-style concept will definitely get a drivers’ attention. I’m unsure to whether the technology is feasible right now, but these lights would be good to see on