The Most Important Ways to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

Facebook header for Design Soak blog Post

Do you use Facebook? If you have a privacy concern, then this infographic should inform you of what you should really need to know:

An estimated 13 million U.S. Facebook users aren’t aware of the network’s privacy control settings or don’t even use them at all! Take a look at this infographic to learn how to safeguard your information on social media.

Twitter Cake, FaceBook Cake, Instagram Cake?

These delicious-looking delights, including a Twitter Cake are featured on YouTube channel, How To Cook. Baked by Ann Reardon (who literally bakes the cakes) can teach you how to make one. She goes through what needs to be done step-by-step to create one yourself! Ann has also made a Facebook Cake and an Instagram Cake, too.

If you make the Twitter Cake, just don’t Tweet it all at once

Twitter Cake Slice

Image of a Twitter Cake cut at one end

Twitter Logo Cutter

This is a the Twitter Cake mold used


Clever Swapped Logos by Fabio Di Corleto

This really clever of designs are ‘a review and a mix of the main logos of social apps & platforms’. They were created by creative designer, Fabio Di Corleto, who is a freelancer in Napoli, Italy. Check them out—my favourite is the Facebook/Google on—what’s yours?

Twitter Pinterest Logo

Twitter Pinterest Logo image

InstaGram YouTube Logo

InstaGram YouTube Logo image

Vimeo Vine Logo

Vimeo Vine logo image
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Behance Dribbble Logo

Behance Dribbble logo image

Dribbble Behance Logo

Dribbble Behance logo


Social Media Monopoly

Image of a Social Media Monopoly Board

Social Media Monopoly Board: Race around the board picking up smartphones and computers but make sure you don’t get sent to MySpace or you’ll risk losing everything, including your reputation [read more here].

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