Unique Transparent Bubble Tents

Transparent Bubble Tent image

If I had a big enough garden, I’d love to have one of these transparent bubble tents right in the corner. Add a bit of decking, and you have a whole new “room” for your house─never mind a tent! By what I can tell, the transparent globe-like structures need a certain air pressure to keep them in shape. Take a look at the photo of the transparent bubble tent with the snow on top─it looks more like an igloo…

Book Ring

blue ring with book

The “Book Ring” is a quirky little item of jewelery created by Ana Cardim. She explains:

A ring that is a book or a book turned into ring … there “ always to the hand” to write thoughts, messages, notes, telephones …etc. An alone book or two decorative overlays … in an alone gesture the elastic will free the blank leaves … leaving from there everything is possible [read more].

I think it’s a great novelty item, but I doubt anyone would wear this all the time. It would, however, be great for certain occasions and parties, etc. Maybe in’s the old-school alternative to an iPad watch…

Unique Recycled Skateboard Stool

recycled skateboard stool image

These recycled skateboard stool designs are quite amazing. Each one is made from several skateboards that were to be thrown away, never seeing the light of day again! These stools will make a perfect gift for skating enthusiasts and anyone one appreciates quirky design. Each one is skillfully made by craftsman in Pennsylvania by Deckstool.

Translucent, Trendy and Transparent Chairs

transparent chair image

These stunning chairs were expertly made by the designers at Valentinagw.com. The majority of these ‘ghost chairs’ are translucent, and when someone sits on them, there’s an illusion of a semi transparent chair. The example shown below has a bronze colour, and is different from the rest, but they are all made from 4mm polyester sheets and each one is a one-off.

New Year’s Eve Coasters

new years eve coaster for 2012

Once again, it’s New Years Eve. What better way to help you make a resolution for 2012 than write it down on a convenient New Year’s Eve Coaster? These are hand-made and printed on a vintage letterpress by LuckyBeePress, who state: “these fun and thought provoking coasters will make the perfect hostess gift, party accessory, stocking stuffer, or party favor! Or buy a set for yourself!”