One Clever Folder Design Idea You Shouldn’t Overlook (infographic)

Creating unique print marketing materials (like presentation folders) is tough, but you can stand out by showing off your skills to give your collateral fresh life.

Cover designs can appear three dimensional with the use of different imprints or coatings, such as embossing or Spot UV.

Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Elroy Klee

Elroy Klee is a former graffiti artist from The Netherlands, who is the owner of Elroy Klee, a studio of twelve designers. They work together in the fields of illustration, set design and 3D work. Klee’s work is a mixture of “experimental transformer style”, urban street art and Dutch design. Here is a selection of some of his work from his Behance profile, along with 12 interview questions about his work and design style…

CD cover design in purple and blue

1‭. ‬Tell Design Soak Magazine readers about yourself‭. ‬What motivates you‭?‬

Well‭, ‬I’m Elroy Klee‭. ‬43‭ ‬years in the making already‭. ‬So a kind of oldie‭. In the graphic game already some 16‭ ‬years‭, ‬but making name the last years in the international scene‭.‬ My motivation comes from within‭’. ‬Just making beautiful stuff‭.‬

Multiple 3-D objects in illustration

2‭. ‬When did you first start illustrating‭? ‬Where did it all begin‭?‬

It all began when I was around 16‭. ‬Starting in the streets with tagging and bombing my hometown with graffiti‭. ‬Just was addicted‭ ‬to it and loved designing letters‭.‬ After my study I began a studio with some companions‭. ‬We were doing a lot of corporate stuff‭, ‬identities and packagings‭. ‬A few years back my illustrations roots was calling for attention‭. ‬I left the studio and now a days I freelance as and art director/illustrator‭.‬

Great 3-D objects for clothing brand

5‭. ‬What is the biggest inspiration for fresh ideas‭?‬

Well‭, ‬inspiration comes from everything for me‭. ‬I can walk in a forest or supermarket‭. ‬It doesn’t matter‭.‬ I’ve noticed if I’m in the car on a highway I’m at my best creating a concept‭.‬ Sounds kinda weird‭, ‬but…
‭ ‬


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Photoshop Resources 1 image

Designers today have it way too easy. Why back in the old days we used to have to draw stuff by hand and then scan it in. And that was only after trekking through 10 feet of snow to chop down a tree and carve pencils…

Today’s designers get to use Photoshop, which gives them pretty much limitless access to express their creativity. But the really cool part about Photoshop is the ability to add on all sorts of resources to make designing even easier, as well as offering new approaches.