Hands-Up Garbage

Handsup-garbage image

“Hands-Up Garbage” – If you know who the copyright holder is on this image, please let me know so I can attribute the proper credit.

More Laugh-Out-Loud Glennz Tees Designs

If you haven’t seen any of Glennz Tees Designs before (previously), then prepare to be amazed and to laugh! Glenn Jones, the designer of these illustrations, has a very unique illustrative style that combines simplistic line-art, punchy-colour and pure imagination. If I were to summarise Glennz Tees in one work, it would be “quirky”…

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The gallery below shows only a selection of his recent work. I just love the Robo Pop and TV knife and fork illustrations. Which is your favourite?

Gallery // Glennz Tees Designs

glennz tees designs - dont slip on lego

Instagram birdhouse

cat week cartoon

t-rex with small arms

Robo pop Robocop

Wheres Waldo or Wally here in UK


The Real Life Lego Man

I’ve entitled this post “The Real Life Lego Man“, although I think that the photographs actually include the woman who created them, Jennifer Smile! As you will see from the set of images below, Gennifer has taken photographs of what it would be like to have a huge yellow Lego head stuck to her body! If you have been following Design Soak Magazine for any length of time, you’ll know that I love Lego, so this set of images was quite fun to see! See the rest…

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Star Wars LEGO Scenery, Snow and Storm Troopers!

Lego Darth in Snow

This stunning set of Star Wars LEGO Scenery are set up with LEGO Figures, Spacecraft and Wookies! They were created by Finnish-based illustrator and designer, Vesa Lehtimäki, who is known as “Avanaut”.

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Near the end of the gallery, check out the snow monster ans the Storm Trooper stooped over burning embers on a cold night in the snow! Excellent…

Gallery: Star Wars LEGO Scenery, Snow and Storm Troopers!

Star Wars LEGO Figures in Orange suits in snow

Lego botd and figures


Star Wars LEGO Scenery 5


The $9550 BBQ Gun!

Yes, you heard me correct! For a ‘mere’ $9550, this Double-Barrel Pistol-Grip Sawed-Off Shotgun BBQ grill could be gracing the concrete floor of your personal saloon. Maybe not. Well, in any case, I can imagine this metal beast being quite the talking point in the Wild West at 10:10…

Double-Barrel Pistol-Grip Sawed-Off Shotgun BBQ and grill.