Seriously Cool Character Ice-Creams

Darth Vader Icecream

These Character Ice-creams of Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse and Mario are shaped like their heads. They were created by Stoyn, a Russian advertising agency. I think they’re stunning; my favourite is the BlueBerry & Licorise flavor Darth Vader Ice-cream shown above. Hope you enjoy the rest…

Wheel of Nutrition Plates

Wheel of Nutrition 2

I love these Wheel of Nutrition Plates that I saw today. Apparently, they suppose to remind us all of the fundamental values of healthy eating. I’d say they do their job well. The plates are from Rui Pereira Product design (details at end of post). Enjoy the rest of these images which show how they can be used. The woman looks happy enough…

Felt Art by Lauren O. Venell

sliced bacon

This felt art by Lauren O. Venell uses fleece, felt, thread, stuffing and wool yarn. The work was commissioned by the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA (USA) for an exhibition they were holding. This exhibition, named “DIY: a Revolution in Handicrafts” was originally set up at an “EAT Space”. Their unique installation includes four large soft sculpture meats to be hung from the ceiling behind a deli case, amongst other things.


You’d normally associate materials like felt and stuffing to be used in teddy bears—this is what has captivated me most with this felt art style work. This whole exhibition turns ‘everything on its head’. Near the end of this post, check out the menu items. I think you’ll be surprised at the interesting facts about meat on there…

bottom me attrays

Lightsaber Chopsticks For Chinese Star-Wasabi!

Eat your Chinese “star-wasabi” with these detailed and quirky lightsaber chopsticks! They’re available for a variety of Starwars characters including Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu and Darth Maul (shown below)…

Red Darth Maul Lightsaber Chopsticks

Lightsaber chopsticks 2

Lightsaber chopsticks 3

Quirky Colourful Food Art by Hong Yi

Talented Malaysian artist and architect Hong Yi has created a set of colourful food art that is quirky, fun and even scenic in nature. Sculpting animals, landscapes and other scenes, Yi has done something unusual and new in a age where everything has almost been done’. It sort of reminds me of the colourful Food Photography created by Marion Luttenberger, which I featured previously.

Gallery // Quirky Colourful Food Art by Artist Hong Yi

food art collection by Artist Hong Yi

food art by Artist Hong Yi

squid on plate made into art

cherry food art

See the rest of the gallery on the main post…

Further Information // “Quirky Colourful Food Art by Hong Yi” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Hong Yi. Please visit her site and Instagram Folio for more fantastic work. Via Colossal.

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Colourful Food Photography with Marion Luttenberger

This is the header image for the post displaying various types of food photography

This colourful food photography was created by Austrian designer, Marion Luttenberger. She used various fruits and vegetables to create designs for Vancouver-based company ‘The Good Forks’ that specialises in Sustainable Food Systems.

See also: Decaying Food Art by Klaus Pichler.

Utilising bananas, water melons, grapes and beans, Luttenberger has brought to life food in a unique and simplistic way! I think these photos are great; check out the rest below…

Gallery: Food Photography

A pile of watermelons made to resemble some sort of pie Chart


3D Printed Candy that is REAL and EDIBLE?

3d printed candy cubes

Can you remember the days when food replicators firth appeared on Star Trek The Next Generation? Apart from Captain Pickard ordering the food and drink dispensers to conjure up “Tea. Earl grey. Hot”, oftentimes, crew members actually ordered food and other sweet things to eat!

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Most Trekkies thought to themselves “I wish that food replicators were real”. Well, fear not, this technology is now solidly in development. No, they don’t work exactly like their science fiction counterparts, but 3D printers are being made right now that can actually print edible food, including sweets and candy made of layered sugar. You can read all about it over on…


3 Tasty Christmas Treats

Ah! It’s that time of year again. Yes, Christmas is upon us once again. Here are 3 festive treats that will maybe get you in the mood for the festive season…

Strawberry Christmas Tree Brownie Bites

Strawberry Christmas Trees

Cupcake Tree Kit

Cupcake Tree Kit

Deluxe Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookie Gift Set

Christmas Sweater Cookie Gift Set

Further Information. The images above were located via the following sources: top image / middle image / base image. All images are copyright their respective holders.

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