Quilled Paper Portraits by Yulia Brodskayaby

Quilled Paper Portraits by Yulia Brodskayaby header imageQuilled Paper Portraits by Yulia Brodskayaby image

Fantastic pieces of work by talented artist, Yulia Brodskayaby. These two images show the style of her work from a recent collection. See the rest, and more of these amazing works, along with more information over on Colossal.

Kids Wall Clock Designs that are Available to Order Today!

Check out this stunning selection of kids wall clock designs. They will look great on your children’s walls, or even in the playroom. View the selection below which shows clocks for both boys and girls. If you don’t see a design you like, simply click any button link. This will take you to the store where 100’s more fantastic designs are available to purchase.

Here’s a description of all the clocks available to buy in the selection below: Available in natural wood, black or white frames, our 10″ diameter unique Wall Clocks feature a high-impact plexiglass crystal face and a backside hook for easy hanging. Choose black or white hands to match your wall clock frame and art design choice.*

Stars and Galaxies Kids Wall Clock

Stars and Galaxies Childrens Wall Clock image

Wow! Flower Art Prints Now Available on Canvas and Framed Artwork!

Here’s a fantastic selection of flower art prints that are available to buy worldwide. You can get any of the great painting designs below as canvas prints, but also as framed artwork, too! Check out some selected images below, but many more are available via each button link as well.

Flowers on Canvas

flowers canvas image

The image above shows a canvas print entitled ‘Flowers’, and is available as a framed piece of artwork, too.

8 Tips to Design Original Business Cards

In today’s digital age, a business card has to be super creative to make a powerful first impression. You’ll have to think outside the box to come up with a design that represents your brand and makes clients want to keep your card for years to come.

That’s where this guide to business card design comes in. The team at Company Folders has compiled all their design wisdom to bring you the newest, coolest, and most inspiring business card ideas around. Read on to learn how you can wow clients with a 3D design, feed them with an edible card, and much more.

Starwars of the Victorian Era

jabba the hut

Starwars of the Victorian Era. Who doesn’t like Starwars? Well, to satisfy most of us, here are some amazing digital paintings of four infamous characters. They have been spruced up in Victorian attire by talented illustrator and animator, Greg Peltz. I recently went to see the new Star Wars film with my son at the IMAX near where I live, and I must say, it was great to see C3-P0 and R2D2 on a huge screen again! (Illustration above: Victorian Starwars Jabba the Hut).

Amfursands: Fur-Decorated Ampersands by David McLeod

This project kind of reminds me of the ‘Freaky Human Typeface‘ that was featured previously here on Design Soak. Designer David McLeod, in this case, has created a visually-stunning set of typographic ampersands that are shrouded in realistic-looking fur. He entitled the set ‘Amfursands’. Get it?

black and white fur type image