Phenomenal Urban Bird Houses

phenomenal bird house 2

These phenomenal urban bird houses look great, although I’m unsure as to the idea behind them. If your backyard birds would like a kitted-out box painted purple with satellite TV, then this would be just the ticket. The birdhouse below even has its own garden. If you take a look at the following pics, you’ll see how the bird house designs are used in urban environments:

For a Special Christmas Tea Party…

christmas tea party image

Try this for a special Christmas Tea Party – green tree-shaped tea-bag tags with matching box. The whole idea behind this conceptual design is to get two people sharing at Christmas. As can be seen, the tree is to be torn in half so the two tea bags can be used in separate cups. This concept was dreamed-up by a bunch of designers from Mint. Fantastic idea…

Inspiration Pad. Think You’ve Seen a Notepad? Think Again!

Irregular notebook lines
These notebooks (called Inspiration pads) were created by Brussels based design & advertising studio, “TM”, spearheaded by designer Marc Thomasset. He turned the whole concept of a notebook upside-down, and created one that used zig-zags, curls, swirls and angular lines instead of straight ones. Great work — although I’m surprised no one thought of this before…
White pages with blue lines
Inspiration Pad 8


Stupidly-Expensive Carbon Fiber Sled by Snolo

Black Carbon Fiber Sled

Well, I don’t get to take my kids out much in the snow here in rainy England too much. However, I’m sure I’d be using one of these should I have, ahem, nearly $4000 to spare. Or maybe not. If you would like one of this slippery devices, you can get one here.

Carbon Fiber Sled by Snolo:

Carbon Fiber Sled by Snolo in the snow

Carbon Fiber Sled by Snolo >> The Stealth-X is predominantly built of carbon fibre and comprises three main parts. The mono shell, the front ski and the front arm. MONO SHELL: The mono shell is made of carbon fibre. It is contour molded to comfortably fit your lower body and has a foam padded seat in the base with a flip up padded back rest. The laid back seating position allows both stability and comfort in steering and leaning. When not in use the back rest folds down, and shoulder straps which are attached to the rear of the sled move from their job as a lap belt to that of a backpack harness. To enhance your safety, a lanyard attaches from the sled to the rider whenever the sled is in use. READ MORE HERE.

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Stunning New Twitter Redesign Concept

Twitter Redesign Concept image

To see the rest this image, visit Maxim’s profile.

Maxim Eriomov: According to Alexa Internet, Twitter is ranked as one of the 10 most visited websites worldwide. Daily number of users varies from study to study, because Twitter is not made ​​public the number of active accounts. identified Twitter as the third most used social network with 6 million unique visitors a month and 55 million monthly visits …and he needs a new look!

Stunning New Twitter Redesign Concept >> The above image is copyright © Maxim Eriomov. Head over to his profile for more of his fascinating work!

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Quirky Watch Diary – Tell the Time While You Draw

This really funky Watch Diary has a circle caught out of every page. So, while you are writing your next novel or simply sketching away with random thoughts, you can always keep an eye on the time. Good concept? Well, yes, but I reckon this one will appeal to the kids more, but adults will find fun in the concept is well. Check out the images below

Watch Diary

The Watch Diary

Neon Matches (Do You Have Money to Burn?!)

A trendy box of of Neon Matches

Yes! 48 bucks you can get yourself 48 boxes of neon matches for your wedding (this isn’t an affiliate post). I think you would have to position yourself near a blacklight to see these lights up, and I don’t think the flames light up in the various colours, but it’s a neat idea.