Animal Pixel Series by Laura Bifano

Animal Pixel Series - Foxhunt image

These amazing fine art prints named the ‘Animal Pixel Series’ are by talented artist, Laura Bifano. I doubt you’ve ever seen anything like this before on canvas!. Mixing the traditional painting style with the futuristic concept of pixels, these images are both impressive and original. The prints can be purchased via Laura’s online store.

Photographic Art by Levi van Veluw

Green Head Photography by Levi van Veluw

This unique photographic art was designed by multidisciplinary artist Levi van Veluw, who is currently based in Arnhem, Netherlands. This post showcases a collection of some of his work selected from different projects. He uses, in many cases, live models to create “living sculptures” which he photographs. I think the work is fantastic, and really pushes some boundaries of design. His work is et apart from many other creatives out there. Check out the rest of his work…

Realistic Paintings of Super-Heros by Simon Monk

Stunning Realistic Painting by Simon Monk

These stunning oil & alkyd realistic paintings were produced by Simon Monk, an artist from the UK. Looking very similar to photographic work, these paintings are ultra-real and depict super-heroes in plastic bags. The project is entitled “Secret Identity”. Above: “Clark Kent” Superman painting.

Stunning Mechanical Art from Chromatic Typewriter

Chromatic Typewriter image

Stunning Mechanical Art from Chromatic Typewriter. This Typewriter was created by Washington-based painter Tyree Callahan. Using a modified standard typewriter from 1937, the letters were replaced by colour pads in order to produce pieces of a form of mechanical art. This typewriter was subsequently submitted to the 2012 West Prize competition with much acclaim. To read more on this, check out Tyree Callahan’s blog, Studio E.

Sketch Art by Irina Vinnik

Sketchbook artwork image

The following gallery of sketch art was created by Irina Vinnik, an artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. After viewing her profile, I’ve become a big fan of her drawing and sketching skills. It takes much time and dedication to produce work like this, and there’s not much room for error when using line markers either.

Weird Art Gallery by Peter Kogler

This weird art gallery is a selection of work by talented creative, Peter Kogler.

weird art walkway

Look at how varied and creative his sculpture work is, and the curious nature of his interactive displays. To see the rest of Peter’s work, please check out his site over at My favourite piece is the image shown above. It would be a very strange experience walking thought there!

Wine Cork Art Letter K

This wine cork art piece shows the letter “K” on a wall:

Wine Cork Art letter K image

As can be seen, various wine corks are used to form the letter, with each cork stained in a different shade of red/pink─depending on the wine.

Soft Art Exhibition by Ernesto Neto

Soft Art Igloo image

This soft art that is part of a weirdly strange-looking exhibition was created by designer, Ernesto Neto. I especially like the goo-like pink giant cushion the people are laid on in the image below. Most art is viewed, but this exhibition is to be explored and discovered by whoever ventures inside. Brilliant…

Wonderful Gouache Techniques by Lawrence Yang

brushes and hills painting

There paintings show the amazing gouache techniques and artistry of Lawrence Yang, who also works as an Apple employee. Lawrence’s uncle is already an established painter from Taiwan, who has inspired him in his own creative endeavours. Check out the video process the end of this post for more of his background information.