Miniature Paintings for Ants by Lorraine Loots

These superb miniature paintings “for Ants” were expertly crafted by artist, Lorraine Loots of Cape Town. She has been working on these little marvels since early 2013, too, working with a variety of mediums including pencils and paint brushes. I think these are truly unique, with each piece roughly the size of a British Pound Coin! Further down the post, you can see a selection of her work in frames…

Gallery // Miniature Paintings the size of a British Pound Coin…

miniature paintings image

miniature painting of saxaphone

miniature motorbike

miniature sax

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Further Information // “Miniature Paintings for Ants by Lorraine Loots” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Lorraine Loots. Please visit her site and portfolio for more fantastic work.

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Curled Waves of Painted Flowers by Joris Kuipers

painted flowers exhibition

I don’t really know what these are ‘supposed to be’, however, they sort of look like painted flowers! Maybe they’re clouds of some form or abstract formations, which are drenched in vibrant acrylic paint colours. In any case, I think this installation is a pretty clever idea, with all the flower formations being suspended from the installation ceiling.

Pencil Art

Pencil Art image

These funky pencil art photos were produced by Bisy Backson, a creative from Amsterdam. I love original work such as this, and its good to escape the amount of digital and Photoshop work out there…

Stunning Chewing Gum Art

Ben Wilson Chewing Gum Art

I bet the last time you stood on someone else’s chewing gum, you didn’t admire it as art. Well, English ‘urban-graffiti’ street artist Ben Wilson has spent many hours painting the sticky stuff on the pavements (sidewalks) of London. This aptly named “Chewing Gum Art” is pretty unique. As you can see in the following images, Ben certainly likes to get in the thick of it:

Colourful Exhibition Work by Markus Linnenbrink

colourful exhibition work image

This stunning exhibition work was created by talented German artist Markus Linnenbrink. Don’t you just love this colourful exhibition work he has made? Blank, dull and plain walls appear to be a playground for much of his work; take a look at the some more samples below…

Carpark Drenched in Color

Kindergarten Carpark image

Visual designers Craig and Karl have have painted a carpark in dazzling color as part of a creative Mural. It was created for the underground car park of a private residence in the city of Sydney, Australia. My first thoughts on these images was “Wow!, it’s like a Kindergarten Car Park”, but it’s much more than that. Drenched in color, this is simply amazing! They’ve managed to transform something mundane and grey into an attractive place to park.

Clever Car Atlas Rainbow

Car Atlas Rainbow image1

These clever car atlas rainbow photos are by artist David T.Waller. He used 2500 toy cars to create this stunning circular rainbow. They are arranged by colour to form a really clever piece of art. I don’t know where all the cars came from, but someone’s had quite a collection going on!