Best Water Park. Ever.

Best Water Kingdom Ever image

Is the the best water park ever? It just may be. These images are of the Happy Magic Water Cube, which was the original structure built for the Beijing National Aquatics Center China’s 2008 Olympics. The best water world I ever went to was Typhoon Lagoon in Florida, but this one seems to take the whole water-fun experience another step…

Water Kingdom in China

Best Water Kingdom Ever image 3

Water Park Cube in China

Massive water slide

Water Globes in Park

About: As the home of swimming and diving events for the 2008 Olympics, the Beijing Water Cube has been recognized as an international icon. When Forrec won the contract to design a water park within the famous structure, it was clear that it would have to be a world-class design solution.
We took our cue from the bubble-lattice space frame that forms the building’s outer skin. Light filtering through the double membrane suggests an “underwater” environment, so we extended this to become an underwater tropical lagoon. Large abstracted aquatic elements – colourful air bubbles, sea weed, coral and jelly fish — “float” within the space, creating a dynamic watery atmosphere. At night, theatrical lighting is added, to create a moody underwater fantasy. These abstracted elements are playful enough to create excitement, but still sophisticated enough to complement the geometry of the architecture [Read more].

Credits: Via Architizer. All images shown in this set are Copyright © Please check out the project page on this.

Beijing 2008 water cube

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