Astonishing and Impressive Split Portraits

Split Portraits

Check out these astonishing split portraits by graphic artist and photographer, Ulric Collette. The show a vivid comparison of 2 family relatives side-by-side in the same images. There are combinations of mother and daughter, father and son, and so-on. I think they’re totally astonishing. What do you think?

Split Portrait 1

Above: Father and son combination.

Split Portrait 2

Above: Daughter and mother combination.

Split Portrait 3

Above: Comparison of two brothers.

Split Portrait 4

Above: Sister and brother combination.

Split Portrait 5

Above: Two cousins together.

Split Portrait 6

Above: Two brothers combination.

Split Portrait 7

Above: Twin sisters together.

Split Portrait  8

Above: Father with son combination.

Video Process:

Portrait génétique from Ulric Collette on Vimeo.

Credits: All images /graphical works above are copyright © Ulric Collette of

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One thought on “Astonishing and Impressive Split Portraits”

  1. Asif

    Amazing collection of split portraits. Never seen such portraits. Nice Share.