Artist and Illustrator Sandra Dieckmann

Sweet Dreams for Ammo Magazine image

These 10 great works are by artist and illustrator Sandra Dieckmann, a former resident in Germany now working in London, UK. The image above is named “Sweet Dreams”, illustrated for Ammo Magazine.

Fanzine Illustration image

Above: Fanzine Illustration

More on Sandra from her site:

The wonderful illustrations that Sandra creates have all the hallmarks of a first class illustrator and a force to be reckoned with. Her animals are not just superbly crafted and observed but the style and aplomb with which she gifts us these images is undeniable. Her work conjures up the deep stirrings of childhood stories and half remembered fairy tales giving an earthy deep-rooted feeling of forests and mystery. Her work screams at as to look with its combination of aching beauty and elegant composition… [more]

Enjoy the rest of these colourful and unique illustrations…

Peculiar Bliss Illustration image

Above: Peculiar Bliss Illustration

Be Gone Illustration image

Above: Be Gone Illustration

Bear Rock illustration image

Above: Bear Rock Illustration

Frozen Pattern Illustration image

Above: Frozen Pattern Illustration

Crowned Crane Illustration image

Above: Crowned Crane Illustration

Helen Birch illustration image

Above: Helen Birch illustration

Pages 6 and 7 of If I Could I Would image

Above: Pages 6 and 7 of the book “If I Could I Would

Young Treasure illustration image

Above: Young Treasure illustration

All images are © copyright Sandra Dieckmann. Please visit her site for more fantastic works.

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