An Animated Video of “The Scream”

Wow! This is simply amazing. I can’t put into words how good this video is! It’s surreal. It’s weird. It’s fun to watch and I reckon you’ve never seen anything like it before. Created by Sebastian Cosor, this short animation was a rue joy to watch─take a look after the screenshots below…

The Scream animation painting header image

The Scream Title sequense

The scream men walk on pier

“I was walking along a path with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.” Edvard Munch, 1893

The scream song

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The Sceam figure with hands on face

Watch the Video: Scream animation painting [below]

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© The Scream from Sebastian Cosor on Vimeo.

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