Experimental Animated Short by Masaki Yokochi

Experimental Animated Short screenshot

This experimental animated short video was made by Masaki Yokochi. It’s quite hard to explain what happens in it, but I think you’ll like the nature of this video (named ‘Locus’). Masaki explains:

“Locus” is an short experimental animated film that reflects the way that I see things. I have always perceived the world not as a photographic reality, but rather as lines that outline physical shapes. Because of this, as a designer, I am fascinated with how a single simple element like a line can express so many different things, and how collections of lines can create shapes, forms and beautiful motions. Locus shows moments of motion that convey this vision. From concept to finish, created by Masaki Yokochi.

Animated green tower

Animated globe

Animated wave

Experimental Animated Short [Video Below]

Copyright © Locus from Masaki Yokochi on Vimeo.

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