Animal Pixel Series by Laura Bifano

Animal Pixel Series - Foxhunt image

These amazing fine art prints named the ‘Animal Pixel Series’ are by talented artist, Laura Bifano. I doubt you’ve ever seen anything like this before on canvas!. Mixing the traditional painting style with the futuristic concept of pixels, these images are both impressive and original. The prints can be purchased via Laura’s online store.

Deer painting

Above: Animal Pixel Series – Deer.

Tiger Painting

Her paintings range from being whimsical and lighthearted to macabre and subtly disquieting. Her characters exist in their own quiet world, immediately accessible and distant [read more].

Pixel painting of Peacock

Above: Animal Pixel Series – Peacock.

The Lady and the Unicorn

Above: The Lady and the Unicorn.

Octopus painting

Above: Octopus.

 Crane animal pixelated painting

Credits: All images are copyright © ia Laura Bifano. Please head over to her store to purchase her prints (this is not an affiliate post).

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