Animal-Themed Illustration Inspiration by Andreas Preis

Andreas Preis's fox

racoon drawing

koala bear

burn typography

red details

pug dog

spiral in blue

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lion sketch

fly typography

try text

yellow drawing





watch owl image

These Animal-themed Pencil and Fineliner Illustrations by Andreas Preis are absolutely stunning, I think you’ll agree! I love the sheer originality, use of colour and combinations of sketching with spectacular themes. See more from this set over on Andreas profile page.

About these designs: Personal Project – Printable Size about 80 x 80 cm, 300 dpi. Because a lot of people asked: No, I didn’t use illustrator for this. There are some minor vector graphics which I made in Photoshop. At least 95% of what you see here is done by hand with pencils and fineliners. Colors and structures were added in Photoshop afterwards.

Credits: All images shown in this set are © Copyright Andreas Preis. See his profile for more of his amazing illustration inspiration!